pdf | 12.79 MB | English | Isbn:9783031540370 | Author: Janmenjoy Nayak | Year: 2024


This book provides a comprehensive platform for learning the state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms for solving several cybersecurity issues. It is helpful in guiding for the implementation of smart machine learning solutions to detect various cybersecurity problems and make the users to understand in combating malware detect spam and fight financial fraud to mitigate cybercrimes. With an effective analysis of cyber-physical data it consists of the solution for many real-life problems such as anomaly detection IoT-based framework for security and control manufacturing control system fault detection smart cities risk assessment of cyber-physical systems medical diagnosis smart grid systems biometric-based physical and cybersecurity systems using advance machine learning approach. Filling an important gap between machine learning and cybersecurity communities it discusses topics covering a wide range of modern and practical advance machine learning techniques frameworks and development tools to enable readers to engage with the cutting-edge research across various aspects of cybersecurity.