Fire in the Stars by Barbara Fradkin
epub | 636.75 KB | English | Isbn:B017I7AWW8 | Author: Barbara Fradkin | PAge: 328 | Year: 2016


A former aid worker returns home haunted by her time in Africa and channels her pain into a murder investigation that's all too personal.

After surviving a horrific trauma in Nigeria international aid worker Amanda Doucette returns to Canada to rebuild her life and her shaken ideals. There the once-passionate adventurous woman needs all her strength and ingenuity when a friend and fellow survivor goes missing along with his son.

A trained first-aid and crisis responder Doucette - always accompanied by her beloved dog Kaylee - joins forces with RCMP officer Chris Tymko to discover the truth about the disappearance. Their search leads them to the Great Northern Peninsula a rugged landscape of Viking history icebergs whales and fierce ocean storms. Elsewhere a body gets hauled up in a fisherman's net and evidence is mounting of an unsettling connection with Amanda's search for her friend. Fradkin writes evocatively of the beautiful often hostile...
Category:Amateur Sleuth Mysteries Private Investigator Mysteries Cozy Animal Mystery