Learning Curve - Haven Rose
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A man in love should not be underestimated.

From a young age I wanted to be a protector and took the steps to do so. My ability to compartmentalize means I never see my assignments as more than a job. That went up in flames the second I saw Willa's picture though as she's everything I never knew I wanted yet I can't act on it. Not only is she my next mission I'm not who she thinks I am. I vow to keep her safe at all costs from any threat but every minute I spend with her makes me realize I don't care about the consequences. She's mine and I dare someone to tell me otherwise.

To shield his woman he will fight to the death.

Strangers adore my parents. Thankfully most can separate their fame from reality. For those who can't contingencies are made and it's usually enough. Until it isn't. My dad is scared my mom too. They're unwilling to take any chances with me and I'm not stupid so I agree to the precautions and numerous bodyguards. I adapt as I always do even as part of me yearns to have a normal life. For a guy to see me as more than a case or stepping stone. Then I meet the new student. He's a bit older and unimpressed with my last name. Now I can't help but wonder if it's me or my heart that's truly in danger.

.of anyone who dares to come after her.

Warning: Do I still need to do this? Okay here goes. Man sees woman. Falls hard. Woman meets man. Lands right beside him. Forever is had. after they conquer the obstacles thrown their way of course.
Category:Two-Hour Romance Short Reads Caribbean & Latin American Literature New Adult & College Romance

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