Gluten Exposed - The Science Behind the Hype and How to Navigate to a Healthy
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Author: Peter H.R. Green M.D. | PAge: 373 | Year: 2016


Gluten Exposed is the one book you should read if you are on a gluten-free diet or plan to go gluten-free. In this comprehensive guide Dr. Peter H.R. Green director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University and medical writer Rory Jones reveal the real scientific story behind gluten; examining the effects of gluten on your body and the many unintended consequences of removing it from your diet. This book is an essential resource for those with celiac disease gluten sensitivity or anyone considering a gluten-free diet.
Green and Jones but through the misinformation and false claims about gluten to provide:[*]An in-depth easy-to-follow examination of symptoms and conditions associated with gluten including celiac disease gluten sensitivity IBS joint pain brain fog autism diabetes fatigue itchy skin and fibromyalgia.[*]An explanation of the pitfalls of the gluten-free diet and how to avoid them not available in any other...
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